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Welcome To My Site

I have been a singer/songwriter and author for a long time. There is a need in me to create that I have to feed. My life has been rich in experience and serves as a deep mine of feelings and stories to give me fuel to burn in my creative flame.

This website is to share that creative output. There's my music through writing to my work as a presenter within education and also on television and radio.

It's somewhere where I can share essays that I write on all manner of things from autism and cerebral palsy to my perceptions about the world, its religions and politics.

I work as a paediatric neurologist in a hospital in Liverpool, a job I feel extremely priveleged to do. It is no small thing to have been trained to care for strangers every day of your working life. A huge honour and a great responsibility. I specialise in autistic spectrum disorder, migraine and long term severe disability among other things. I also do some medicolegal work and can be contacted (contact me) through this website for that or presenting work.

There are also lots of pictures.

Welcome - and enjoy.